The Author of the “Bunny Blanc” brand is a Fashion designer – Katarzyna Dacyszyn. A graduate of the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. Katarzyna is well known in lingerie business, mainly because of plenty of designes created during 10 years of cooperation with one of the biggest polish underwear manufacturers, Kris Line, exporting to the biggest countries in the world. She’s also well known in this branch in Poland as a designer taking part in fashion competitions or presentations during Fashion Week Poland. She has been published in branch fashion magazines, she has commented on fashion events in Poland and served as a member of the jury during fashion competitions. Her wide interest horizon and creative need pushed her to make her own virtual world. The World of “Bunny Blanc” is a space for presenting the effects of creativity of the designer. You are welcome to join. Please, Follow The Bunny Blanc!